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Dream Of A Warrior, a 2001 South Korean sci-fi.

Posted : 9 months, 3 weeks ago on 28 December 2016 12:54 (A review of Dream of a Warrior)

Dream of a warrior or Cheonsamong in Korean is a South Korean sci-fi TV movie from 2001, starring the all star pop from Taiwan Leon Lai who had a brilliant career in Hong Kong both before and after this movie so many can ask how was it possible for him to end up in this cheap sci fi movie during his great career, was it because he wanted a start in South Korea or is it because the production was high at that time but lack of showing because of low quality of the tv camera?

Agent Dean is haunted by a horrible memory of a woman he shot during her escape attempt in his line of duty, right after that some strange things is happening and a rumor of rewriting history or present time is speculated. Later hours, Dean is invited to a dinner with the president who tells him the girl he shot ShoSho was his daughter and believe she can still be saved during a time traveling, he reveals he has installed a new time travel machine that can take Dean back to the past and save the girl. Dean agrees in a heartbeat, but after he travels he finds himself in a middle of a war between two clans and a love rival for ShoSho, and the time line is premature medieval and still technologist Advantec, how far did Dean actually travel in the past? Or did he travel to the future? The truth is more shocking, it's not a time travel, its a dream travel!

How does it hold with technology ?
Very much 90s technology and feels out of date, but at the same time, the setting is stunning and a lot of costumes design for many actors and extras, it's possible that it was an expensive setting but with a low budget tv camera that lack the modern feeling a little, but the action is well done despite the out of date technology. So there it gets a 3/5 stars.

How does it hold as a story?
Not well, just like a present time Hollywood or a typical Hong Kong movie the story doesn't have an importance, just make a movie and hope the audience swallows it, and that's the problem with this movie, it's not focusing on the story telling, every scene is rushed, and one can't help feel lost out there in the plot, this movie got 3/10 on imdb and I can seen why with a bad directing of story, 1/5 stars

How does it hold in general?
Could have been better and also with a better leading role actor it could have been a masterpiece, but sadly this is a forgotten movie and understandable why, with an unfocused story telling, stiff acting from Leon Lai, and with a tv camera the Dream Of A Warrior is a movie that stays in 2001, but it can be interesting for forgiving sci-fi lovers, so it's a totally 4/10 stars.

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El Classico: Zorro, The Disney Series from 1957

Posted : 10 months ago on 17 December 2016 02:30 (A review of Zorro)


He is the man who protect poor people from dictatorship and tyranny, he is a fox in the night, he is Zorro, made in 1957 in black and white, starring Guy Williams, recolored in 1992, zorro is a mystery adventure hero that takes place in 19th cenetury Los Angeles when it was a Spanish colony.

In early 1800, a young Diego De La Vega returns to Los Angeles from Spain after he became a master swordsman. On his side during the travel, he has his loyal mute servant Bernardo who convinces Diego not show himself as a man with courage but a spineless weakling man so he can convince the commander of the pueblo that he is harmless. Diego agrees after he sees his hometown filled with soldiers collecting taxes for their greedy commander Monastario. Diego even convinced his father that he has no interest in sword fight but rather read his books. Ofcourse Don Alejandro De La Vega doesn't take news well and shows his disappointment to his son. But what everybody doesn't know is Diego has a secret identity, at he dress in all black, with a cape and mask, ride with his black horse Tornado, steal from Monastario and give to the poor, he is the hero known as El Zorro.

How does it hold in black and white?
For sure black and white is now outdated, and sometimes the black and white can take away the 1800 because the first tv came in the 50s so black and white feels maybe feels too much technically. But the adventure is strong with this movie and kids even today can love it, I loved it as a kid and I grew up when technology began their popularity, so it gets 2/5 stars.

How does it hold in colors?
Perfect, the colors that was put in after makes it feel like a 1800 painting, it feel realistic and you can feel you are with the characters. Even on today standards, Zorro gets you into this classic world, and bring a lot of enjoyment, and it's a family adventure for all ages so 5/5 stars.

How does it hold for Disney?
Compare with today, yes it's a real Disney live action series that wasn't bought by a greedy company, it has songs like a Disney movie, it has adventures like Disney promises, it had a lot of fun character like sergeant Garcia and corporal Reyes, but it doesn't have love interest, even though Diego are dating some girls but it never becomes a love interest, specially when all is just inlove with zorro. Also I must add that Guy Williams really is Zorro, and for what I have see he is the only real Zorro, 3/5!

How does it hold in total?
High respect, it's the series that started it all and made mysterious black figure a theme that many other great movies got inspired from, Zorro is one of the best series of all time and deserves its high status, a Christmas gift to every one, 10/10 stars.

BW - 2, Col - 5, Dis - 3 = 10 out of 10.

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Bioman, 1984 TV Series from Japan

Posted : 10 months ago on 15 December 2016 04:11 (A review of Choudenshi Bioman)

The series that gave inspiration to Power Rangers (or actually PR stole some scenes and replaced them with American actors), the series that started it all with giant robots, biogenetic heros and robo ninjitszu, Bioman from 1984 not took Japan but also The Whole word by storm, and made the sci-fi industry as it is today.

The once prosperous Planet Bio is destroyed after a world war erupted over the use of a scientific discovery called "Bio Particles". The Planet Bio Peacekeeping Alliance which sought to use Bio Particles for peaceful purposes, sends the giant robot Bio Robo and an assistant robot named Peebo to prevent the same tragedy from happening on Earth. Bio Robo arrives in 15th century Japan, where it showers Bio Particles on five young individuals. Five centuries later, the descendants of these individuals, infused with Bio Particles, are chosen by Peebo and Bio Robo to become the Bioman team to protect the Earth from the New Gear Empire, an organization led by mad scientist Doctor Man. The team members are: Shiro Go a former Japanese space pilot is Red One, Shingo Takasugi a formula race driver is Green Two, Ryuta Nanbara a water sportsman is Blue Three, Mika Koizumi a adventurous photographer is Yellow Four, and Hikaru Katsuragi a sweet Carnival Flutist is Pink Five.

How does it hold as a sci fi adventure series?

Compared with today status, Bioman has a lot of adventure and a lot of fantasy that we at present time seems to have lost. It has a lot interesting and exciting episodes and a lot of explosions, a great mix of Kaiju, Ninjitsu and even some Star Wars swords. It's not timeless though because it's a lot of lovely 80s style, but definitely an unbeatable series, 4 out of 5 stars.

How does it hold with special effects and quality?

As today young audiences will think it's a little in the past since it's very much 80s special effects, and songs and music is very much early 80s not to mention the haircuts, but at the same time they will appreciate it because it's the first of its kind and its first series with a serious action, for example (spoiler alert) one of the Bioman dies and that kind of series was unusual to add, it means it takes their audiences both young and mature serious, and even same level as classic Transformers and Star Wars, without Bioman, Power Rangers, Transformers, or SailorMoon wouldn't exist so 4 out of 5.

How does it hold in total?

A forever classic that never feels it's old now or little goofy with compared status, its unique and should be with full respect. Totally it gets 8 out of 10.

Sci-fi: 4/5, special effects: 4/5, in total: 8/10.

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Sailor Moon, Japanese TV Series from 1991.

Posted : 10 months ago on 15 December 2016 11:24 (A review of Sailor Moon)

My first anime series that I ever watched and got broadcast in my country was Sailor Moon, a sci-fi action romantic series from Japan that made me fall in love with Japanese anime, looking at it as an adult now, I still love it, my childhood memory crush comes to life.

A young girl Usagi is late for school and by stress she stumbles across a bunch of kids who mistreated a cat. After Usagi rescue the cat she sees a lunar moon on the cats forehead. Later the cat reveal she is a magical cat that can talk and she is here to prevent a total destruction that is planned by the demon queen Beryl, and her four ruthless generals Jedite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunsite. Usagi gets an item that transfer her to solar universe protector and become known as Sailor Moon. After saving earth a few times, she rescue other young girls who become sailor warriors, Ami as Sailor Mercury, Rei as Sailor Mars, Makoto as Sailor Jupiter, and Minako as Sailor Venus. To their aid, a mysterious man protects them, a hero with roses known as Toxedo Mask.

How does the series hold as a kid friendly?

If I saw this as an adult from the beginning I would say it's perhaps too violent for kids, but I saw it as a kid and I never reacted to the violence and I was thrilled on every adventure the sailor girls went to, and the humor made me
laugh as well, so I would say the kids would be exited, the question is if the kids today would feel if it's outdated since nowadays every show is filled with CGI and the songs might have the typical 90s style, so maybe it will feel too old perhaps? But then again to compare with today series this one is a masterpiece and the songs are great, it's a 4 out of 5 stars.

How does the characters hold up as heroes and villains?

A mixed feeling actually, starting with the good part, as a kid I had a huge crush on Sailor Mercury, her beautiful blue hair, and her strong intelligence makes her the most trust worthy heroine, Rei has a lot of spirit and a short temper but also feels like one of the strongest sailor girls, and the villain Jedite is one of the coolest villain of the bunch, despite losing all the time he never loses his cool. The less good part is some of the characters feels like a filler and two of the Sailor we barely get to know them until almost finished for the season, and their identity is like the He-Man syndrome, no mask just change the costume, the only one who has a mask is Toxedo Mask, and yes I will mention it, it's a sex different on the dubbing of the Zoisite character, the original Japanese Zoisite is a man and has a gay relationship with Kunsite, but in most of the European dubbing and early English dubbing Zoisite was changed as a girl, some of them claimed they didn't know he was a man since his original voice sounded like a girl. Perhaps the smallest minus is probably Usagi the Sailor Moon girl and the main leading role, she screams too much and cry out like a five year old, normally a character like this should a comic relief but she is the main character but at the same time that's what make it charming so totally the characters got 3 out of 5 stars.

How is the series in total?

As a kid, I was very thrilled and entertained by the first episodes of the 1st season and I watched it with excitement. Now as an adult I can see the flaws better so maybe it's for audiences under their 20s but at the same time I feel the excitement too as my adult age, so the score is totally 7 out of 10 stars.

Tv series: 4/5, characters: 3/5, totally: 7/10, moon prisma powers make up!

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Hong Gil Dong, North Korean Hero 1986

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 22 January 2016 11:25 (A review of Hong Kil-dong)

Hong Gil Dong is a legend in Korean history, many tv dramas has been made in the south of this great hero, only this film is North Korean, made by a South Korean director that got kidnapped to make this film.

Born with a mother as a peasant girl and father as a noble family emperor, Hong Gil Dong is forced t live as a servant boy with his mother. Until one day a group of bandit try to kidnap him and his mother. Luckily they are saved by a skillful and powerful old man, who take care of Hing Gil Dong and his mother, Hong Gil Dong beg the old man to teach him to become strong as the old man. The old man agrees, and years goes by and Hong Gil Dong has become a man, and he swear by his power he will protect his people from any harm, and protect a noble woman he love most even if he is not allowed to marry her.

How does this movie hold up as an martial art movie?
It's equal as any martial art, descent stunt choreography same as Hong Kong movie (but better) and exiting as a Japanese ninja movie. However somtimes the fight feels a little too friendly (except in the end, that was a little brutal) and as an audience you can feel it's safe for the hero too comfortable, however it's exiting as ordinary, 3/5 points

How does it hold as a plot movie?
Little mix feelings, it start like a family friendly film then it turn to kid film somtimes, then in the end it become a little too brutal when the Japanese ninjas arrive, and that takes away the movie a little, why are the Japanese ninjas so brutal while the North Korean bandits are kid friendly? That's odd, but it still is a descent story about love and betray and fight for what's right, so 2/5 points

How is the movie all in all?
If the ninjas weren't so brutal in the end then I would give it 6/10, but for the morale, I'm forced to give it 5/10, a good film that lost it touched when the North Korean morale kicked in (which seems to happen a lot with Chinese movies too) but still a good film, 5/10

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R2B, a South Korean top gun movie from 2012

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 20 January 2016 06:54 (A review of Black Eagle (aka Soar Into the Sun))

If I told you that Rain the Kpop idol can act, would you believe me ? Well I have a good proof for you, R2B or Black Eagle or Soar Into The Sun (or whatever title it has) is flight action comedy similar to Top Gun.

Taehoon is a cocky show pilot, who got himself into trouble after trying a crazy maneuver at a demonstration simulation. Later he get transferred to combat unit where he will be trained with the best South Korean pilots. One day some North Korean freighters enter the sky border of the south to defect, and Taehoon is recruited with a friend to escort the NK pilots. But one of the pilots turned out not to be a defector and shoot out his teammate and go manhunt after Taehoon and his comrade. After the NK pilot shoot down Taehoons friend, it becomes personal vendetta for Taehoon.

Is R2B better then Top Gun?
It depends, as a plot, maybe not, but as a thrill yes absolutely, because when the action starts, it's a full throttle all the way, and when the NK pilot vs Taehoon is thrilling specially when they fly through Seoul and near the golden tower. But as a plot is too much comedy that feels unnecessary, the whole plot feels like a drama but then bozo the clown comes in to ease up the mood when he is not needed. So a plot Top Gun is better, but as an action, R2B is better.

As a plot?
Only 1/5 sorry

As an action flight?
5/5 right on!

How is the movie all in all?
It's a descent entertaining action drama flight movie that could have been more if they had skip the comedy, total score 6/10

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Sucide Club, a Japanese 2001 horror thriller

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 13 January 2016 08:32 (A review of Suicide Club)

Normally I'm not into horror gore films, but when I saw this film I couldn't help liking it a little, and felt it had somthing going there until the end that made me feel nothing but question marks..... Sucide club is a 2001 horror thriller about how dangerous it can be to follow a kult.

Detective Kuroda is investigating an unusual sucide commit, made by 54 school girls in a train station. Later that night 2 nurses commit sucide by jumping of the window. The day after doesn't get easier for Detective Kuroda when another 11 school kids commit sucide, the witnesses tells him the kids were all cheerful and happy, those words puzzles Kuroda. Later Kuroda get a phone call from a woman who call herself "the bat" and reveal to him all the sucides are connected to a kult called sucide club, and that club is also connected to a kid girl pop group called "Dessert" by their songs performing live on tv sending out codes of when it's time for the next sucide, but who is controlling the kult and why? And how many people are involved with this kult? And worse of all, Kurodas own family are fans of "dessert", could they be the next victim of sucide club?

How does it hold as a horror movie?
Horrible, and this is typical horror movies no matter what year it's from, the trust in blood and gore, to make a good horror is to create the situation for the character, the blood can be used somtimes but don't let it take over your movie because it will only be disgusting and horror feeling goes away. As a thriller this movie do well but when the horror scenes starts it become too much blood and gore and I think it didn't need it, so I'm sad to say it's 1/5

How does it hold as a plot movie?
Very interesting in the beginning, and I feel it could have gone further but somehow it got lost in the end. What it does best is reflect kult life to today's society, for example Facebook, youtubers, Internet critics, and movies and pop cultures like Hollywood can take over your thinking, for example this movie is great because Hollywood says so. And another good reflect is the kid pop group "Dessert" who also reflect today's pop kult like for example Justin Bieber when he was 14, not only was he marketing for girls at his age but also mature women as well, as we call it a victim of pedophilia media marketing, and that's what "Dessert" reflects, in the movie everybody follows the group "dessert" including the detectives family and adults even though the group is membered by five 10 year old girls singing pop songs. But what the movie doesn't do right is the ending, I mean the whole build up about the bad side of kult and when the main villain is revealed is amazingly done but then it's just.....end, just like that. The whole build up with the villain of how evil the villain is by creating the sucide club is strong but when the villain get caught then it ends just like that, a big build up for nothing, it feels very disappointing. And also the build up with the Dessert pop group also ends quickly, so much build up with the group but it just ends without knowing what just happened, and also the leading role Kuroda turns out not to be leading role when it's 20 minutes left or so, so why why are we follow him and his family then? And there is another character who is named Mitsuko, a girl who lost her boyfriend because of the sucide club kult, but she also is unused, she is one scene the whole movie then she come back like in the end of the film as the main character, and there is no build up for her, it doesn't make any sense, for plot it get just 2/5

Why was this movie made?
I have a theory, even though the director said his reason during an interview but I think it's more then that. On the paper and IMDb it says the movie is from 2001, but if you look at the quality of the technology in the film and also the lifestyle it's looks more like mid 90s or at maximum late 90s. If you look at the phones and computers and other technology in the film, it's definitely before 1998 or 1996 so it's possible it was filmed in 90s but wasn't finished til 2001. My theory is then that the director wanted to teach the youth not to follow any cult or anything that can hurt you, because during the 90s there was a lot of problems in the youth society in Japan, a lot of kids turned to criminal kult gangs to do bad things, the director properly made this film to educate people not to follow anything just because it looks cool, because it might be your doom. That message is clear what he wanted at the end of the film when Mitsuko is in a theatre and a bunch of kids asking her who she is and she answer she is who she is and she is want to continue be that way, and also in the ending the "dessert" group talks to the audience and give their final message "live your life as possible", if that was the purpose of the film to teach people to no follow any kult, then I lift my hat to him and give one extra point, but could have been a better if it wasn't for the mix of bloods and gore and and the unbalanced ending for some characters.

Final result of the movie
I can't complain to much, I was exited at the beginning of the film and it was thrilling to follow the detective when he try prevent the kult of sucide club, but the unbalanced ending leaves me with a lot of questions eventough I can understand the movie but the ending could have been done better and it shouldn't have mixed with blood and gore, final point is 4/10

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Ichi a 2008 adventure film from Japan

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 29 December 2015 10:32 (A review of Ichi)

It's the year 2008, it's time for our favorite blind Samurai Zatoichi to have a rest from the movie industry and allow a female version of him to save ancient Japan from bad guys, and who could be more appropriate then his own daughter Ichi to take over his hero part? Well she would if the movie knew where it was going.....

Ichi is born blind like her Father, she go to geisha school to train to sing and perform, also she is trained ninjutsu to protect herself, one day her father doesn't return home, and after Ichi been kicked out from geisha school, Ichi go on a quest to find where her father is. She accidentally rescue a clumpsy samurai named Toma from being killed by gang of bandits, but when the bandits rivals arrives, they believe Toma did it and want him to join forces with them to fight the bandit leader, but Toma is defenseless without Ichi, what will Ichi do? Shall she help him or will she continue with her request for her father?

How does this movie hold as a action samurai female assassin movie?

Well the action is spot on, I give them that, and Haruka Ayase nail the character Ichi on the dot, the editing and choreography is done well and I feel exited on every action scene, 5/5

How does it hold as a plot movie?

Well this is the weakest part of the film, and sadly that's what is important for every movie that the plot is doing alright, but the problem is it feels the screenwriter didn't know if it's gonna be a too serious movie or a too humorous movie, so it was put in as both, and that feels confused, one moment it's all serious next moment is humorous that take away the exiting feels of the movie, plus also Ichi get a kid as a side kick but this goes nowhere and it feels unessecary to put in, it would be more understandingly if there were less humor in this film so it would explain why the kid is there but because of too much humor the kid feel unnecessary, 2/5

How is the movie all in all?

Not perfect but it has many moment of samurai entertaining, great acting, beautiful colors and in time this movie can be a classic, we just have to wait and see, 7/10

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Azumi Japanese action adventure from 2003

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 29 December 2015 09:25 (A review of Azumi)

[Link removed - login to see]

There is no doubt in my mind that Azumi is a movie that will live forever, a samurai classic made in early 2000s and is here to stay for many Generations.

As a child, Azumi lost her mother during the war. Out in the deserts she is found by an old Ronin and his gang of young kids that he has taken care of. He train them to become the ultimate samurai assassins, now fully grown, Azumi has become stronger and a fast trained assassin but she must be put to the test, the test is she must be willing to kill her lover or be killed by her lover. She succeeded unwilling and now she has become ready for her first mission, to find and eliminate 3 deadly warlords that want to start a war. On her way she is challenged by ninjas, bandits, warlords bodyguards, 3 crazy brothers, and one psychopath who love white clothes and roses. She also meet a beautiful actress named Yae who want to help Azumi from be a cold blooded assassin to a traditional woman, but will Azumi change her life and risk the nations safety?

How does this film hold as a samurai ninja action movie?

Spot on, every action scene is fast and quick and deadly, it's not about how well the characters knows Kung fu or other martial art, it's about survival, and you can feel it in this film, you feel every minute they fight who is gonna win and the excitement thrills your blood, well done action samurai scenes 5/5.

How does it hold as a plot movie?

Brilliant, you never feel lost, editing in this movie is more then well done, normally in some samurai movie, some scenes can be slow, but in this film it never feel slow, it's over 2 hours long but never feel slow at all, it's the first I feel 2 hours is too short for this film, that's how brilliantly they made this film, it get also 5/5.

How is this film in general?

Honestly, there is nothing to dislike about this film, wether you are a samurai fan or not, this movie can entertain and make me you feel touched at the same time, no doubt in my mind at all as this is a movie for all generations, long live Azumi 10/10!

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Zorro, tv series from 1990s

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 17 December 2015 07:09 (A review of Zorro)

Buenas noches signores, now it's almost Christmas and now I'm going to make a review of my childhood hero Zorro, my first toy I ever got was Zorro, my first tv series I saw was Guy Williams zorro, and this was the tv serve I grew up with, and I have a lot of memories with this as a child, but now I'm viewing with adult eyes and find it still great but not master piece as I remembered it.

In the 1800s Los Angeles is a small pueblo, and in control by a ruthless Alcalde and his soldiers. Don Diego live with his father and his adopted deaf servant Philippe. As Diego he pretend to be a spineless weakling who cannot fight with a sword and prefer books, but at night he has secret identity as the guardian of the people who steal from Alcalde and give to the poor, the name of his secret hero identity is Zorro, dress head to toe in black with a cape and a mask and hat and with a black stallion named Tornado, he rides at night and fights the injustice soldiers, greedy thieves, and ruthless murderers, pas buena suerte el Zorro!

How does this tv series hold as an action/adventure?

Depends on the episodes, some episodes are a little goofy, like the Pirates episode, but then it's more serious like the horse race, double entendre with a man who copy Zorro to dirty his name, and my favorite episode is when Diegos father is dating a woman but turn out to be a big sceam, so some episode has it moments, but the small problem is that some episodes are not serious and get a little too goofy, plus some acting changes of the roles can sometimes lose the reality of the show when one character is played by two different people. For the plot and action and adventure I can't complain but it is perhaps too many seasons for a series that didn't know if they go serious or goofy, 2/5

How does it hold as a plot?

Well at first, it does hold up as a Zorro story, it does follow like the other Zorro movies and tv series before that. But it's a little odd though that in every series the characters has different name, the villain in the old Disney series was called Monastario and the comic relief fat sergeant was called Garcia, here the villain is just called the Alcalde Ramone and the Sergeant is called Mendoza, in the filmation cartoon the villain was also named Ramone but the sergeant was named Gonzales, and the love interest in the cartoon was named Maria, here she is named Victoria, and the deaf servant is named Bernardo in the old Disney series and is older but here he is young boy and named Philippe, in cartoon he is not deaf but a masked side kick named Miguel, so many changes in name and characters but the plot is the same, it's good plot they follow the original unlike the block buster movies, but sadly too many episodes has too many family friendly style, and it lose the seriousness in the series, but those episodes that are good are really good, so I give it 3/5

One special Bonus: the music

Oh my god the music is amazing, it has classic style of Latin orchestral score, and actually put you in mood for South American adventure feeling, sometimes the music doesn't fit in some scenes, but mostly it does and I give extra point for that

How is the series all in all?

The first season is great, then the 2nd season it starts to fall apart and it has totally 4 seasons, but the adventure is decent, beautiful Spanish locations, and great music, not a complete masterpiece but satisfying, so total 6/10

Action/adventure: 2/5, plot: 3/5, bonus: music 1 point, total: 6/10

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