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Satomi Hakken Den, a 1983 fantasy movie

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 16 December 2015 06:33 (A review of The Legend Of The 8 Samurai)

Satomi Hakken Den or The Legend Of The Eight Samurai is a beautiful classic master piece that somehow got overlooked, not many people mention it so it's a broken Jewel that the world forgot, but not anymore thanks to Internet and people like me who will now give you a helpful review as I can for this great film.

Princess Shizu manage to escape an evil witch and her soldiers, since Shizu is soul survivor of her family she must find help to destroy the evil witch. On her way she encounter a robber named Shinbei. When Shinbei find out Shizu is the escape princess he try to arrest her to claim the reward but she is rescued by a ronin named Tadatomo. Tadatomo tell the princess a story about the legend of eight samurais that lived in a heart of an ancient princess that released them in glowing marbles, each samurai that has this marble is in destiny to destroy the evil witch and protect the princess. Tadatomo show her his marble that glow she now knows she must fine the other warriors that has a same marble, they are the only ones who could rescue the world from evil. Meanwhile Shinbei returns to his home and he finds out the witch he is working for has destroyed his village and killed everyone who lived there, now he join forces with the princess and Tadatomo to the quest for the other samurais, but can he be trusted? And is it possible that he could be a samurai as well?

How does it hold up as a fantasy movie?

Beautifully, it has aged well, you feel strongly every scene, some scenes might feel a little dark but it's so intense and exiting and beautifully done, I give this movie 5/5

How does it hold as a plot movie?

For a fantasy movie, you never feel lost, and that's good, most of the fantasy movies are concentrated on the environment instead of the characters, but in this movie do it both beautifully. Every character is like able, the witch is scary as she is beautiful and the action is spot on, with a lot of monsters and soldiers and action and explosion, also a 5/5

One little bonus notice

There is a song for this film called "I don't want this night to end" sang magesctly by English singer John O'Bannion, great song that fit this movie.

The movie all in all?

I don't know why this film is overlooked! Maybe because it was made in 1983 and at that time most of the world was occupied by Hollywood (and why not? At that time Hollywood wasn't so much crap as it is today, for example the old Star Wars movies and Blade Runner) but still I think the world should have notice more of this film, a total 10/10 this movie is a masterpiece.

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Godzilla (Gojira) 1984 a nostalgic monster film

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 16 December 2015 05:42 (A review of Godzilla 1985)

Gojira from 1984 is not a sequel to other Gojira films from the 60s or 70s, it's a sequel to the first Gojira film from 1954, and same as the first, when it came to out to America the movie was changed for the American audience by adding an extra scenes with an American actor as pretending to be leading role, but I don't recommend that crap version, it only remind us how rasist hollywood use to be back then (and maybe still is) now I'm gonna focus on the original.

Goro Maki is a journalist that goes out in the ocean to track down a missing fish boat that disappeared near a volcano blast. He find the boat with only one survivor, his name is Hiroshi Okumura, and he tells the story about A monster name Gojira that attacked his ship and is on its way to Tokyo. Only his sister believes him Naoko Okumura and her boss Dr. Hayashida who is investigating Gojiras weakness. Meanwhile a soviet submarine get in Gojiras way by accident, and Gojira destroy it. Now the Sovietunion is on manhunt after Gojira and plan to destroy him with or without Japans help, but will they succeed or can Dr. Hayashida find another way before Gojira returns to Tokyo ?

How does this movie hold up as a sci fi monster film?

First of all, it's great that Gojira has return to the villain role as he was in 1954, and why not? It was the 30th anniversary for the first film. But as a sci fi is ok although since its been over 30 years since this movie released and it shows the quality hasn't aged well, specially with the Gojira design, and speaking of Gojira, I am more afraid for the life of the stunt man who played the role of of Gojira, every now and then you can see in the destroy Tokyo scenes he has hard time to walk or move his arms and some time his body language looks like he is about to past out, however the movie is nostalgic with typical 80s and a lot of action, and it is dark and intense so I give this movie 3/5

How does it hold as a plot movie with characters?

It's difficult to do characters in a Kaiju movie, but this one and the first movie succeed brilliantly, Dr. Hayashida is a great hero character and Naoko is an innocent girl who do anything to protect her brother and the icing on the cake is the Soviet Union is also involved try to fight the Gojira and that's also cool. But some part there some unnecessary comic relief that takes this movie to a different level, although in this case it's perhaps ok since this tone of this film is dark, so I give it 4/5 for plot and not US version included, just watch the original.

How does this movie hold all in all?

It has it flaws but then again is there a movie that doesn't have? Anyway the movie is more then a guilty pleasure, with nostalgic 80s sci fi monster style with great characters intense action and Cold War, I give this movie 7/10 totally.

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Antartica, a classic Japanese survival from 1983

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 14 December 2015 07:25 (A review of Antarctica)

Antarctica is a classic survival film based on a true story of two dogs Taro and Jiro who were abandoned in Antartica but the two dogs manage to survive, with orchestra score of the legend himself from Greece Vangelis

Prof. Ushioda and his friend Oichi leading a discovery patrol with their 15 sledge dogs in Antartica, however a bad storm is about to enter Antartica and the two professors are forced to leave their dogs behind, months goes by and Ushioda still is haunted that the dogs might be alive but no one believes him, meanwhile in Antartica it turns out Ushioda theory was right, 8 of the dogs are still alive and are now fighting to survive the hard condition in Antartica, but will they all manage to stay alive ? And will someone rescue them?

How does the movie hold as an survival movie?
Well it's about survival, but it's the first time I see it's about dogs who are survival and how they fight to survive, that makes it interesting but also sad for dog lovers and sensitive viewers, but the survival point is well played by the dog actors, so for that I give 4/5

How does this movie hold as a plot movie?
Strong, every character can be felt miles away, one feel for both the humans and the dogs, the team did a good job to get the feeling of how dangerous Antartica can be, also it's sad this plot is based on true story that this happend is really sad, score 4/5

How is the movie all in all?
Very sad, and I cannot recommend this film for dog lovers or sensitive viewers but if you like a good survival film, and like to know the history of Taro and Jiro, then this movie is for you, I give this movie 8/10 not my top 20 list but I give it high rating for its well done and masterpiece music from Vangelis who is know for scoring other great films like Blade a Runner and Alecander.

Total Score: plot 4/5 survival 4/5 = 8/10

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2009 Lost Memories a South Korean What if? Movie

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 14 December 2015 01:05 (A review of 2009: Lost Memories)

This review is not gonna be easy, sure I liked this film at first, but then after rewatching it 5 more times the anti of the plot start show its true colours.

2009 Lost Memories is a South Korean action what if ? Film from 2002 that's about a changed future if the Japanese emperor had won WWII.

Story begins at 1909 in Korea when it belonged to China, where an assassin failed to kill an important diplomat, and because of that failure history as we know it has changed, it's only one country now that controls the world. Sakamoto and Saigo are two detectives at the year 2009 in Seoul that is now Japanese. During an investigation of a attempt terror attack by an Korean resistance group in a museum, they discover clues what they are after, exactly what they don't know. But when Sakamoto investigate more he discover his true roots that he tried to hidden for so many years, Sakamoto is a Korean and when investigate more, he finds out the history has been changed in wrong direction, and Seoul his beloved city should belong to a country called South Korea and not Japan, but South Korea doesn't exist in this time line and he must find a way to save Korea, but what can he do? And can he betray his old friend Saigo?

How does this movie hold as an action film?

Excellent, everything it does as an action film is great, well done choreographing, a lot of explosion and great acting talent, for that 5/5

How does it hold as a plot film?

I'm sorry, I cannot give this film any points, at first I was ok with the plot but after watching it again and again, the anti-Japanese started to reveal to me more, and I don't like that, sure a what if? Movie will do that but it screams too much anti and it feels unnecessary and too much, sure Chinese makes a lot of anti Japanese movies but they make sense because their movies take place during WWII when the occupation happend, and my first review was a Chinese WWII movie that was more ninja movie but still made sense because it took place in WWII history, but this film is a futuristic film, it doesn't make any sense why this plot exist, and what if? Movies are difficult to make, and this plot is too concentrate on the anti, and therefore I cannot give any points 0/5

How is the movie all in all?

Well if you forget the plot then this movie is very thrilled, good action, always the edge of my seat, and great acting, it's just the anti grows more and the revealing of what the plot is trying to do makes clear for more you watching it, there fore I can only give it 5/10, before I rated it high but now I change my mind.

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Returner, a 2002 sci-fi action film from Japan

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 28 November 2015 11:54 (A review of Returner)

Returner, a sci-fi action thriller movie that borrow movie elements that was popular in sci-fi movies in the 80s. A full mix of Terminator and matrix and Independence Day movies.

As a child, Myamoto witnesses his good friend be abducted by the ruthless child smuggler Mizoguchi. 20 years later he chase after Mizoguchi to make him pay for what he did. But when he finally succeed to find Mizoguchi, he also stumble on Milly, a young girl who came from the future, to prevent a world desctrucion that will happen in year 2002. At first Myamoto don't believe her but when he find out Mizoguchi is involved then he team up with Milly to save the world from an unknown invasion.

How does this movie hold up as a sci-fi?
Sadly, this movie borrow too many elements from other sci-fi movies, time machine to save the future from Terminator, invasion from Independence Day some matrix action and a little borrows from ET, but all the stunts and action is well executed and the adventure is exited so for sci-fi action it gets 3/5

How does the movie hold as a plot movie?
Yes, on the plot is where this movie succeed better, all the character are well portrayed by all actors and actresses, including Anne Suzuki who was only 15 at the time when she played Milly and do a great job for her age. However there is one minus for the plot and that is unnecessary comedy put in, when it's totally serious most of the time suddenly a comedy scene is put in is really take of the exitetment a little, but it's still a great plot so 4/5

How is this movie in general?
Very exciting action movie with a great cast and crew, but with a lot of elements that is easy to recognize from other movies doesn't make this movie a masterpiece but a great film all in all, total score 7/10

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Lady Assassin 2013 Vietnam movie

Posted : 1 year, 11 months ago on 21 November 2015 08:22 (A review of The Lady Assassin)

Lady Assassin is a Vietnamese action film with the same title as the classic Hong Kong 80s movie but not the same story, when I saw this movie I found it ......odd, perhaps one of the most odd movies I have seen from asia so far.

A bunch of thieves stays at a tavern that served by 4 prostitutes, but what they don't know is those prostitutes are well trained assassins, they kill all thieves and take their gold, but this time the thieves has stolen Phu Giang aq princess of a lost family, at first the women don't like her, but after some time she learn their martial art and become one of them, but why was Phu Giang kidnapped in the first place, and why is she determind to stay with the women, it soon reveal Phu Giang has a dark past.

How does this movie hold as a plot movie?

Nothing new, it's quite odd and don't know where they were aiming for, a lot of secrets that makes no sense, a lot of sex humour that feels forced, too many weak casts and the unnecessary 3D effect, it's sad that the industry start lose ideas so they try to bring back that was once a bad idea, and this movie is no exception, the 3D is used to push things into audience face and it feels unnecessary, and did I mention the cast is weak? Well they are not bad just not convincing specially when all girls are played by models and all guys are odd balls looking, with better cast and less 3D maybe I would have been more convinced, but I'm not so 1/5

How does movie hold as martial art?

Much better then the plot but that doesn't say much, although what I can say is that the fight choreography is well done, and mix with beautiful landscape but the fight ideas is too much stolen from many Hong Kong Kung fu movies and the ball kicking sport is too much to drag the movie to over 1:30 hour movie. But it's well done action so 3/5

How is this movie in general?

Nothing but a guilty pleasure, and that's all I can say, although I have to admit it did put me in a good mood sometimes and it has good action, but the movie is butchered because of the 3D so I can't afford to give it more then 4/10

Plot= 1/5 action= 3/5 total= 4/10

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Shall We Dance ? Japanese 1996 drama movie

Posted : 1 year, 11 months ago on 21 November 2015 06:43 (A review of Shall We Dance?)

Shall we dance a Japanese drama from 1996 is one of the most beautiful movies I have seen, and I thank my girlfriend to force me to sit down and watch it, it's the movie inspired the Richard Gere movie with the same title from 2004 and also explains the beauty of the black pool dance contest. 

Shohei Sugiyama is tired of his boring life, every day go to office, every day just go home to wife and daughter and nothing happens, until one day he see a mystery woman watching over her window, he get curious, and go to see her place. Her name is Mai Kishikawa, she is a pool dance expert and trainer, when Shohei observes her lessions he find the dance art interesting and started to learn, more he dance more he love it, this makes me him late for work and late to go home, this concerns his wife and hire a detective who give her odd news, he is not unfaithful, he is........just dancing.

How does this movie hold as a romantic drama movie?

Well it's not much of a drama, it's more romance for the black pool dance contest, of course there are some moments of humour, and some moments of serious drama, one thing I don't understand though is: why is he bored with his wife and daughter? In the Richard Gere movie version his wife was rude and it was understandable that he wanted to get away for a while, but in this movie his wife is kind and she is understandable so why is he tired of his life with her makes no sense? And this is a huge flaw in the movie that they treated his wife badley, and therefore I can only give it 3/5.

How does it hold as a dance movie?

Spot on, they nailed the beauty of Blackpool dance contest, you can feel the creator put a lot of heart to for the dance, the movie explains the rules and how the dance should be done and also brings a lot of curiosity of the Blackpool dance, if you don't know what the Blackpool dance is then don't worry because you will learn thanks to this movie, and every actor put a lot of feelings when they dance so you can feel the love so the score here is totally 5/5

How does this movie hold as a movie in general

Despite its flaws and despite how I hate how the leading role treat his wife, I looked at my girlfriend and she like the film and was satisfied and that was good enough for me, plus it gave what it promise a lot of dance and did a good job with that with bringing a lot of beauty and strong feeling to it, what the American movie failed that's what the Japanese movie succeeded, to make me interested in black pool dancing, total score 8/10

Drama/romance = 3/5, dance comedy = 5/5, total = 8/10

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RPG Real Playing Game 2013 Portugal Movie Review

Posted : 2 years, 2 months ago on 12 August 2015 05:01 (A review of RPG: Real Playing Game)

Sorry, now I am breaking My own rule! When i Came to Listal.com i was thinking to make reviews and introduce everybody here Asian movies That i wish everybody to watch. But this Movie is Unberliveble so i had to make a review out of this. RPG is a sci-fi futuristic thriller from Portugal That is about Old men and Women who do anything to be forever Young including Killing a total stranger. And to be honest this Movie is The worst Movie i have seen both how its made and story telling, eventhough they casted one of The best actors in the world Rutger Hauer is not enough to save The Movie.

Steve Battier is a humantarian computer expert and dying of Old age. He get invited to a RPG project That stands for Real Playing Game. The project is about 10 Old peoples Brain Will be transfered to a computer memory where they be in Young new Bodies, The Only catch is they can't stay in The Young Bodies forever, they have to kill The other players and the one and Only winner Will get the price to be forever Young. Steve agree to this project and his Brain get transfered to his new Young body. But when he wake up, he see nothing but a ruin building and he has lost all his memories. He later meet the other 9 players who doesn't know who they are, then a hologram message from the game keeper explain That the memory loss is part of the game. The reason why is because the game Only last 10 hours and one must be killed each hour or the game Will kill one itself, the catch is one must get enough knowledge of who The person is That they are gonna kill and after The kill they Will press The name of the person they think they have killed, but if they press the Wrong name they Will be killed too. And it get worse to know who is who because in game there are 5 men and 5 women, but in reality there are 6 men and 4 women. The clock is ticking, who will be The one and Only to be forever Young?

How does this Movie hold up With or without Rutger Hour?

With? Everything, without? Nothing. First of all all The money for the Movie seems to be extended just for Rutger Hauers scenes, because when all his scenes goes, it looks fantastic, well done CGI, and interesting characters just for his scenes, but then when The actual game begin and he get transfered to his new body, suddenly The whole look of the production change from cool cinema feeling, to pocket money video camera shooting on The weekends. The game is suppose to be in Portugal in ruins but its just one building in ruin, and it feels like its the Only building The Director Could afford to shoot, and it looks extremly cheap, like school kids who find an Old turned down building and desided to play in There and film while their playing. I don't mind
Pocket money Movie exept That i have to pay to see them, why do i have to spend money on a Movie That spended their profits on two scenes?

How does the Movie hold as a story telling and Movie in general?

Not even as a story it works, ofcourse at first i thought it was interesting That the 10 players has to guess who is who before they can make the kill, and the players are actually Old Brains inside Young Bodies, but its poorly executed and the characters are typicall Horror characters cliché. For example in Battle Royale Movie all the characters were demonstrated What Will happen if they don't kill and That made the situation scary, but here in RPG they just say you have to kill to win and they are all like hmmmm ok then. I mean they don't even get a demonstration of What Will happen if they don't kill because in this Movie everyone is trigger happy. Plus there is some sex scenes Put it just as filler, and all characters speak english With thick european accent, and i shouldn't complain because i also speak english With a very thick accent but even for me its strange i mean why not have the Movie be in portugese? All in all most movies you can forgive for a Nice try but this is not even a nice try, its just done easily and it should be free for audience to watch.

I can Only give this Movie 2/10 mostly for Rutger Hauer scenes

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Triple Tap 2010 Hong Kong Movie review

Posted : 2 years, 2 months ago on 12 August 2015 04:06 (A review of Triple Tap)

When watching Triple Tap The first time it feels like a masterpiece but after watching it again it feels like a mediocre action thriller cop Movie. Released in 2010, Triple Tap is a Hing Kong Movie That brings a thrilling story about Greed and Betray.

Kwan is a banker, Chong is a police detective, they compete in a shooting range cup. Kwan defeat Chong With a Triple Tap shot and win The tournament. However on his Way home he accidently drives into a middle of a robbery attempt on a money transfer truck, there is also a police man who try to handle The situation, but it get out of hand, The police man is fired down and Kwan use his shooting skills against The robbers as self defense. Thats What he tells The police, the police buy his story exept detective Chong who belive there is more to it everytime he connect The dots, and his hunch tells him maybe its not self defense but a planed murder.

How does it hold as an Hong Kong action Movie?

In My opinion its one of The best from Hong Kong or shall I say an action cop live That has a story, most Hong Kong movies nowadays are like Hollywood, alot of special effect or just kung fu 100% and 0% story telling, here its more focus, its The first time in a HK movie I feel for the characters, and The story is well Put. But its not a full five due to it is easy to know whats going on, and The ending feels a little over doing, but it is very thrilling when you see it The first time.

How does it hold as a Movie in General?

This is an absolut recomendation for all crime thriller lovers, ofcourse its more thrilling to see it first time and maybe The 2nd time you might lose The interest because you know the story, but still its a good Movie all in all, and its Nice to see a HK Movie That allow The audience to think instead of JUST DO IT movies

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Street Fighter V 1995 Tv Series Japan Review

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 14 July 2015 07:57 (A review of Street Fighter II: V)

Street fighter V is a great series that is sort of an prequel to The exellent Movie Street fighter the Movie. Made in 1995 at the SF Prime time and live up to the SF status very well but don't know if its a PG 13 or rated R series ?

Ryu, a japanese vagabond and Martial art master get an invitation by his Old friend Ken Masters to visit him in America. While there Ken take Ryu to a sightseeing around NY but then they get into a bar fight with Guile, a US Army Man who use to be a street fighter. After Gulie defeat both of them Ken and Ryu deside that their Martial art is not strong enough and therefore they deside to travel around the world to challenge the best figthers, including Fei Long a Hong Kong Star, Sagat a prisoned muy thai fighter, Dhalsim a mystery man from India, and Balrog a psychopath bull fighter from Spain. They also team up with Chun Li a daughter to the Interpol leader, together they go to an adventure more dangerous then expected.

How does it hold as a action, adventure, drama series?

Its well done animated With the action choreography That keeps you up on your seat, its very exited, every adventure the character goes to is a thrill. But there is one gap I have to mention. The series seems to have a hard time to know if its a PG 13 or a rated R series. Some episodes feel goofy and unserious then it suddenly change to more serious and almost over bloody episode, but don't worry That doesn't make it a bad series, it may be unbalanced and not The best, but absolutley one of The greatest series of all time, 3/5

How does it hold as an anime ?

As allways, japanese anime is beautiful. However in this case because of The unbalanced plot it seems The animators didn't know what level they would anime the characters, somtimes they look like goofy characters then change to more serious characters. And also it's wierd that both Ken Masters and Ryu are 17 but they look like they are at their early 20s, the Only one who look like an 18 year Old is Chun Li and she is suppose to be 15 (hum What?). And one more nitpick is Charlie Dash, he is suppose to be a Gulie Look alike (well according to The street fighter alpha games) and he is suppose to be well trained Martial art, but here he looks nothing like Guile, he is older and beardy, and seems not very skilled (well to be fair, both The alpha game and this serie was made in The same year so That explains that they didn't know) but part from That The anime is good specially on The action scenes so 3/5.

One bonus point !

The Music is wow so besutiful, i love The japanese pop, and its easy listening songs like Cry from The legendary group Chage&Aska plus The other songs like lonley babey, and forever friend. One extra point for That !

How does it hold as a serie in general ?

A guilty pleasure and it keeps you on your seat With exitement, great action, exiting adventure, cool characters, and great story despite somtimes goofy.

Total 7/10

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