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Romantic Blue Thai Movie 1995 review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 2 July 2015 12:40 (A review of Lohk thang bai hai naai khon diao)

This review is not gonna be easy, first of all im not Thai nor can i speak thai, i got this Movie imported from Thailand without subtitle, but somehow despite My lack of knowledge in The language i fell inlove With this Movie and feel i want to introduce this movie to you lovley people in Listal.

Romantic Blue is a 1995 crime drama romance. Starring two famous thai pop singers during The 90s, the Movie was one of The most increasing Movie profit in Thailand and rewarded 4 thai awards in 1995.

The story is about Tao, a Young man who is a school drop out and a former car thief but now work as a car mechanic at his fathers workshop. One day he meet Nook, a beautiful girl and help her to open her car that her father forgot the keys inside. They start to date and get to know eatch other and eventually falls inlove secretly. However Taos younger brother goes in the same class as Nook and also falls inlove with her, now there are two brothers inlove with same girl. Unfortunately their father is sick and need surgery. However the hospital operation is too expensive and the brothers cannot afford the money, now Tao must go back to his Old roots and become once again a thief. He team up with a professional CB (Cat Burgular), however the CB turn out to be a real psycho and kill one of the security during the robbery. Tao dislike the CBs method and break the contract With him. Now CB put a personal Manhunt on Tao and his brothers. Will Tao ever break free from this madman or will he lose the love of his life?

How does this Movie hold up as a crime movie?

It is very intense and you can feel a heart beat of exitement, However the crime part doesn't take place until the near ending of the film, so the crime audience have to wait a little bit, but when it gets there its very exiting and gets 3/5

How does it hold up as a drama?

It hold up pretty well Thanks to charming and likeable characters, ofcourse the seriousness takes away a little bit due to somtimes over the Top comic revief scenes That doesn't feel neccesary but when it does get to serious drama you feel for the characters 3/5

How does it hold up as a romantic Movie ?

Sorry but here is the weak point of the Movie, and the sad part is that the romance is the main focus of the film but its played like two children falling inlove instead of Two almost adults falling inlove, the two leading roles mostly giggles and jokes and smile, not much hugging or kissing. 1/5

How is the Movie as a general?

All in all its very entertaining Movie, its beautiful 90s Thai pop Music help ease the mood and to watch this Movie is like a good experience of a Classic Thai Movie. I give this Movie a totally 7/10

CM 3/5 DM 3/5 RM 1/5 = 7/10

Oh one more thing, i Could not find the trailer but i hope you enjoy the Music video to this film performed by the leading roles

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Slam Dunk Japanese Anime 1993

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 30 June 2015 05:13 (A review of Slam Dunk)

Slam Dunk is The anime That made start With basketball, but its not a typicall sport anime, its an anime filled with humour, romance, blood sweat and tears both inside and outside The basketball field.

The plot is about young Sakuraki who has been dumped by a girl for the 99th time and he is ofcourse heart broken. That is until a young sweet innocent girl name Haruko introduce him to a basketball team Shohoku. Haruko san is kind and gentle and help Sakuraki to find his talent in basketball. Sakuraki falls inlove with Haruko and join the team to impress her, but to play basketball is more difficult then expected, and it gets more difficult when there is a rival for Harukos affections by the ace player Rukawa, and also the team leader Gori is Harukos brother.

How does Slam Dunk hold up as a sport anime?

Perfectly, not only you see good basketball matches, you also get lectured how the rules are working in the basketball game, watch and and learn !

How does it hold as a drama?

Very well, all matches are intense (specially the match Shohoku vs Shoyo) and there is also personal problems the players have to deal with outside the field (for example some player are former gang member and some players suffer with a difficult injury)

How does it hold as a comedy?

It is amasing, and embarrassing, specially when the players have an arguement and their faces and bodies change to little monkeys, and humour is so funny i cannot describe it, Takeshi Kusao who do the voice of Sakuraki is awesome with his crazy Hyena laugh naaaahaaahaahaa

How does it hold as an Anime?

Beautifully, these people put alot of hard work on their drawing, and they must have had a fun time while they were working on the plot.

How does it hold as a Movie in general?

To be honest it is impossible to not like it, I watched it since 1995 and i still cannot stop watching it, the humour and drama and the love for basketball is well mixed and even if somone does not like basketball it is still easy to enjoy Slam Dunk, its My 2nd review and Im pleased to give it a full 10/10

I give it now a basketball point count, sport 2 point, comedy 2 point, drama 2 point, anime 2 point and in general 2 point = 10 out of 10

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The Resistance 2011 Chinese Movie Review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 22 June 2015 10:14 (A review of The Resistance)

2013 I bought a Movie dvd from Amazon called The Resistance, and I loved this film, and I still love it today, now I'm going to make a review for you about this film.....

The Resistance is a 2011 chinese american action/adventure movie, mix with martial art, ninja, world war 2, and drama. The movie was also screened at Cannes film festival at 17 may 2012.

In 1937 Japan occupied China. 3 years later after the "Rape of Nanking" incident, a mysterius assassin (known as the Black Dress Killer) arrive to the city of Shichen to assassinate the Japanese General (who has the control over the city). A group of Chinese Resistance Members manage to rescue a Foreign Journalist (who is on a mission find proof of the war crime that is comitted in China) and this troubles the Japanese General. In response he give the citys inhabitant a choice to eather reveal who the Black Dress Killer is or die.

The Movie has beautiful locations and color mix, and played as a Classic Samurai film art. But is it a War Movie or a Samurai movie? Actually it's both (more or less). The opening of the movie contain a few documentary films and side scrollings of What was happening during the time of WW2 China, then the movie start playing as typicall Shinobi No Mono movie, for example:

1. A small village That is occupied by an evil Samurai clan (in this Movie they are The Japanese Army)

2. An unknown assassin comes to seek revenge (in this Movie The avenger is a Chinese Ninja)

3. A group of pesants accidently rescue an outsider (in this Movie, The Foreign Journalist)

4. The evil clan leader (in this Movie, The Japanese General) gets an unplesant visit from The evil Emperor who wants to see if the clan got control over the village (in this Movie the evil Emperor is a German Nazi)

5. The set has alot beautiful houses and palaces from a Samurai time line (eventhough the timeline take place at 1940 during world war II)

How does it hold as a War Movie ?

Unfortunately it's not much as War Movie, its more of a War movie time line but it's played as a Samurai movie. There are a few elements that can satisfy a War Movie lover but also it has some CGI effect that can remove the WWII feeling and can take away the reality of the Movie. So as a war movie it get a score 2 out of 5.

How does it hold as a Ninja Adventure Movie ?

Yes, this Movie belongs in this kind of genre. It is played as a Samurai or ninja film. It has all the five points as I mentioned for a good ninja movie and to play it in a world war II time line and replace the Classic Shinobi Movie characters from 18th century With early 20th century Japanese army, chinese secret resistance group and Nazis from 1940 is brilliant. Wich I don't think has been done before, and for those who love these kind of movies and are ninja fans should be entertained by this Movie, the score is 5 out of 5

As a Movie in general?

It has its flaws (but then again wich Movie hasn't?) and some hardcore War Moviefans might find this Movie out of place. However a true adventure lover or ninja fans or those who are intrested in history and new beautiful locations and don't mind the mix of world war II and Samurai movies Will be pleased. A ninja action Shakespeare story in world war II.

So the final score is 7 out of 10: WM 2/5 NM 5/5 = 7/10


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